Upgrade Your Home With Energy Efficient Shingles

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Is your air conditioning system working harder than it needs to and increasing your energy bills? The answer may be installing energy-efficient shingles that reflect heat instead of absorbing it, giving your air conditioner a break.

Our certified specialists at Larson & Keeney Home Services install energy-efficient shingles to help reduce the heat in your attic and any other heat that enters the house. This keeps your home cooler in the summer and your bills lower. On top of this, they’re also highly customizable to suit your home and boost your curb appeal.

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Energy-Efficient Shingles Installation Services in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Lower Your Energy Bills With “Cool Roof” Technology

Extensive scientific research was dedicated to crafting asphalt shingles aimed at cutting down on cooling expenses. Building scientists directed their efforts toward the minuscule mineral granules that are melded on the top surface of asphalt shingles. Through the application of specific coatings to these granules, enhanced reflectivity and emissivity were achieved.

The latest cooler granules boast an impressive 20% reflection of the sun’s energy, a substantial improvement compared to the 3% reflection achieved by conventional dark roof granules. The heightened emissivity is essential in maintaining a cooler temperature, as they efficiently shed heat instead of retaining it.

Choose From a Variety of Colors

With our ENERGY STAR® “cool” roof shingles, you don’t have to sacrifice energy efficiency to have an attractive roof. Their shingles come in a variety of colors and tones so that you can choose a roof that matches your home and suits your tastes.

Boost Your Home’s Energy Efficiency & Curb Appeal

At Larson & Keeney Home Services, we make it a priority to ensure that our customers are informed on all of their options for their roofs, have a stress-free installation with us, and have results that exceed their expectations. If you’re in need of premium roofing services in the Milwaukee area, you’ve come to the right place.