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Larson and Keeney Home Services

Introducing Larson & Keeney Home Services in Milwaukee

Offering Trusted Roofing, Gutter, and Insulation Expertise—Now Available to Milwaukee Residents Hello to Milwaukee homeowners! At Larson & Keeney Home Services (LKHS),  we are your trusted local partner in top-quality roof replacements and repairs. We also offer other top-notch services such as gutter, window, and door installations and services. As

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The Importance of Air Sealing and Insulation

The Importance of Air Sealing and Insulation

Improve the Insulation of Your Home With Air Sealing at Larson & Keeney Home Services When homeowners are considering the insulation of their homes, many focus on the type and amount of insulation needed. While these aspects are crucial, another important element in home insulation is often disregarded: air sealing.

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The Three Most Common Roofing Hazards in Winter

Understanding and Assessing Winter Roof Hazards Maintaining a sturdy roof throughout the year is a top priority for any homeowner in Southeastern Wisconsin. If you’re a local, you know that the winters bring unique challenges that demand proactive measures. To safeguard your home against potential damage, it’s crucial to recognize

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How To Avoid Roof Failure Due to Snow

Larson & Keeney Home Services—Your Wisconsin Roof Expert in Snow Understanding the potential risks to your roof is crucial for residents residing in regions with heavy snowfall such as Southeastern Wisconsin. Excessive accumulation of snow and ice can result in damage, leaks, and, in extreme cases, roof collapse. Fortunately, Larson

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The Benefits of Insulating Your Home's Crawlspace

The Benefits of Insulating Your Home’s Crawlspace

Save Money & Become Energy Efficient With Larson & Keeney Home Services Insulating your home plays a big role in keeping it cozy and saving energy. Insulation acts like a shield, making it harder for heat to sneak in or out, which helps keep your home at the right temperature.

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Gutter Installation Services in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Understanding Icicles and Gutters

How To Protect Your Home With Larson & Keeney Home Services In winter, the sight of icicles hanging from your gutters can be beautiful, but it’s essential to understand the potential risks they pose to your home. Are they simply a natural occurrence, or could they indicate underlying gutter issues?

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